APES037 | GENERAL LEE Raiders of the evil eyeFeb. 28 2013 · Basement Apes · 160gr 12"

General Lee Raiders of the evil eye finds a band that has developed into more than just giants of the epic metal underground, they are now fully formed sonic titans. Departing a bit from earlier works, reshaping their sound, this mindblowing 7-track album is perhaps one of their absolute strongest albums thus far. It further reinforces how broad and captivating General Lee's abstract melancholia is. A decidedly harsh record with its disheartened tones and harsh, distorted yelled vocals. A must-have.

APES036 | CORTEZ PhoebusMarch 01st 2013 · Basement Apes · 2x12" + Digipack CD + Tape

The undisputed kings of chaotic post-metal, Cortez return with their long awaited second proper full length 'Phoebus. 'Phoebus' is a firm statement which frighteningly mix noise and post-metal with an intensity that will unnerve the unprepared, yet knockout punching with long and vicious explosions of chaos. It hurts and hurts all over again.

APES035 | PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND / CORTEZ SplitOctober 14th 2012 · Basement Apes · 10" + Digital

Tolosian plebs and long-time-no-see swiss cross their swords on this exclusive 10" split, each band carving their grooves with an unique twelve minute-long track.

On tail side, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND confirms their hegemony in terms of frightening chaos : the ghostly "I.W.W.O.Y.T.W.Y.W.O.M" starts like a long and punishing funeral procession, just before the thunder strikes the cortege. Becoming less hardcore-oriented and more experimental - while always sustaining a rare intensity, the band leaves their comfort zone with this hypnotic track swinging between sludge/drone and black metal.

Heads, after seven years of silence and a full-length "Initial" that left a deep impression, "A.F.D.N.T.E.D.E.V.L.S." marks the comeback of CORTEZ's acrid and corrosive noisecore. Still bass-less, still as harsh as ever, the swiss trio delivers a massive piece filled with a nearly luminous imperial slowness. An opportunity to check that the band hasn't lost its touch, entangling crushed rhythms and powerful emotional discharges.

APES034 | TOUNDRA IIISept. 9th 2012 · Basement Apes Ind / Nashaarda / Aloud Music · 12"

Recorded in Madrid with Carlos Santos (Sandman Studios), with the help of Juan Blas (Westline Studios) and the mix of Santi Garcia and mastering of Victor García (Ultramarinos).
Cover has been painted by Chelsea Green Lewyta, who made "II" too, and packaging is made by Victor García-Tapia.


APES033 | THE PRESTIGE Black mouthsApril 4th, 2012 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + Digipack CD

'Black mouths' is an ideal of tension-and-release. From tense, coiled quiet panorama into all-out assault aesthetic mode. A world-exploding sense spitting forth into all directions to come down to a bomb-fragment of choice. Speed vicious.

APES032 | SOFY MAJOR / MEMBRANE SplitNov. 11st, 2011 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + CD

Mammoth noise and metal outfits team up to render a 7-song heavy hymn to filth. Both ranging far and wide from their previous works, they bring together the pure fury of dirty, sludgy riffs and raw vocals, with this relentless intensity which marks new territories for aural punishment. This rough diamond is carved in honor - valor and pride.

APES031 | TOUNDRA IINov. 25th, 2011 · Basement Apes Ind. / Aloud Music · Digipack CD

Toundra sign off a beast of an album challenging crowds of post-music by certified variations on highs and lows and by daring not to rock the same riff for fuckin' hours long.

APES030 | ANORAK SickMay 1st, 2011 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + Digipack CD

Clearly exposed to the hardcore/metal genre, they absolutely cross this ever-going basis with grind and noise. Anorak quirky bursts of aggression and toss metal in its modernity into a dense and complex extremity very dear to grindcore hordes, plus impulsing a colourful fragrance of tenacious rock and roll vice here and there.

APES029 | GRANDIZER Like a fistful of noise2011 · Basement Apes Ind · CDEP

APES028 | ALKALYS A pack of liesJanuary 5th, 2011 · Basement Apes Ind · Digifile CD

Alkalys always consumes in processed machine of noise, erupting into sheets of frenzied cymbals and guitars and stepping from the low-lying space to the highest part of the mountain. 5-song staring deep into a real ascent. Alkalys escalates.

APES027 | SOFY MAJOR Permission to engage October 27th, 2010 · Basement Apes Ind · 2x12" + Digipack CD

Sofy Major has filthy increased in heavyness through 50 unrelenting minutes of angular and unique aggressivity. This new found efficiency serves well manifest-songs with large strokes of stressing sludgy vocals and succinctly lenght of songs, with no pointless remnants of riffs. The body and ear are torn as to how to react.

APES026 | MEMBRANE DisasterJanuary 10th, 2010 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + CD

2 years after the terribly dark 'A story of blood and violence'; MEMBRANE returns with 'Disaster', a container of angst and agressiveness, delivering like this their heaviest and most punishing record to date. Serving guts, violence and domination on all tracks as doomsday approaches.