APES025 | CYBERNE LawJanuary 2008 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

The beast has been released and threatens to attack. Osaka's CYBERNE tightly injure through ten bruising tracks, crushing your spine with drilling-machine vocals and blistering your brain with maniac grind and manic groove. It's itchy all over like cactus.

APES024 | PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND How hate is hard to defineJanuary 5th, 2010 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

2 years from the gasping 'Vulture riot' ep, Plebeian Grandstand returns with a full percussive punishment in the name of 'How hate is hard to define'. Forward-thinking, exclusive and colossal, the chaotic lure of the album has taken complexity to new heights and added a healthy dose of incomparable melodic songcraft, for it is Plebeian Grandstand who understood the crescendo-running equation melancolic sounds = death. Hate is hard to define and you won't know which side you belong to.

APES023 | ALKALYS Choeur delysJanuary 1st 2009 · Basement Apes Ind · Digipack CD

Alkalys always consumes in processed machine of noise, erupting into sheets of frenzied cymbals and guitars and stepping from the low-lying space to the highest part of the mountain. 5-song staring deep into a real ascent. Alkalys escalates.

APES022 | TOUNDRA IJanuary 2009 · Basement Apes Ind · Digifile CD

Madrid's Toundra follows its ways to subtle variations subduing the listener on 6 tracks of instrumental rock. Dynamic and intensively careful on brilliance, this selftitled album pulls back the curtain to reveal all its immediately accessible music. Includes bonus track 'Nordeste' from their split w/ Hand of fatima.

APES021 | PRACTICAL WEAPON To date we do not have music sufficienttly powerful to act as a practical weaponOctober 2009 · Basement Apes Ind · Digifile CD

Denunciating group of individual who could care less. TO DATE WE DO NOT HAVE MUSIC SUFFICIENTLY POWERFUL TO ACT AS PRACTICAL WEAPON rings true and is the tract about a specific music scene area, the one where Basement Apes Ind. come from. True to its roots and wide opened with its influences, this disc is a pragmatic testimony of people sticking together for the sake of music.

APES020 | GENERAL LEE Hannibal ad portasJanuary 2007 · Basement Apes Ind · Digifile CD

In a darkening world with blurred possibilities, General Lee take the road of introspection to arrive at a dramatic understanding of the mind’s surroundings. Unleashed with a grand dimension of upsetting melodies, Hannibal Ad Portas is evolving from musical damnation to salvation in 6 not-so-easy-to-listen tracks.

APES019 | PURSESNATCHER Narrated byJanuary 2008 · Basement Apes Ind · Digifile CD

Cleveland's Purse Snatcher touches on subtle instrumental areas yet deeply personal in approach. Stirring emotional splendor is at hand, perverted by pounding riffing and punishing saturated bass. 'Narrated by' extend the realm of density through 6 tracks smelling heavy fire.

APES018 | GOODBYE DIANA Odds and endsJanuary 2008 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + CD

A vanguard of instrumental and intricate sound patterns diving in a sonic and more urgent illustration of what a pair of drum sticks and pedals of sound can do. Heavily percussive and urgently powerful.

APES017 | PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND The vulture riotJanuary 2007 · Basement Apes Ind · CDEP

The debut war cry from original and categorically defiant Plebeian grandstand. Brought forward with cutting-edge songwriting, striking with a siege of destroying power and emotion, and consuming with abysmal force.

APES016 | TIME TO BURN Is.land2007 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

Exploding all expectations, TIME TO BURN new effort 'Is.Land' throws out an ugly, hostile and noisy negation of music. Until all that is left are ruins and dust, a pale grey sky will open on a life-debris dimension where the land of Is shall remain the only place to shelter as life will be blown away with bliss.

APES015 | MEMBRANE A story of blood and violence2007 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

An overload of massive 90's alt rock eruption from MEMBRANE, this terrifying storm, has landed. Terribly dark, this second full run gives praise to the lords of alternative music (Amphetamine Reptile sound) and sail the seas of noisy, blown noise rock heydey blend into an earth-shaking dirge metal. An 8-song sucker punch.

APES014 | ELODEA Cataclysmic2006 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

The wings of tragedy are progressively blackening our man-made world corrupted. Chaos is riding and dimness is destroying faces in agony. The one chosen to save the world, dragged into the sea of today's life evils, lose faith in majesty. Eternal is now the pain; 'Cataclysmic' is its darkest epitaph. A 6-track musical scheme spreading chaos. Lp version available through Fuck Yoga Records/Good Samaritan Records.