APES058 | KARMACIPHER NecroracleApril 2017 · Basement Apes · 12"

The debut album 'Necroracle' from Hong Kong's Karmacipher is pure aesthetic and maestry in the realm of dissonant metal. It stands out with a massive musicianship with the will to strike a perfect balance between the origins of death-metal and experimentations. That is really destroying, deep, dense, inducing a redemptive fatigue. Ambitious and terrifying at the same time.

APES057 | EUGLENA / KOLCHAK SplitFeb. 2017 · Basement Apes · 7"

Euglena have been pushing tunes to destroy your ears since their inception. This song offers more arpeggios than usually expected from them, but with force, with tremendous force. The riffage and the composition get the high level of score. This is plainfully straightforward.

Kolchak hails from St-Petersburg, Russia. This creature has decided to dispense vocals and provides us with an entirely instrumental sound where guitars, bass and drums take on the entire role. They belong to the postrock field with the epic, brutal and beautiful sides, with that little bit of commanding punk.

APES056 | MEMBRANE / REVOK SplitOct. 2016 · Basement Apes / Music Fear Satan / Dingleberry / Grains of sand · 7"

This split features 2 outstanding cover versions of the Cure favorites 'One hundred years' and 'Burn' by Membrane and Revok. This homage from 2 amazing noise bands comes as a genuine, and at times quite moving surprise, the Cure being a defined and re-defined alternative pop music for an entire generation of Goth-inspired fans and musicians. Obviously dark and draped in dramatic soundscapes that often obscure the magnetic pull of melodies, both interpretations bring something new without losing the initial creative impulse. Super indie.

Side A by REVOK: One Hundred Years (Pornography)
Side B by MEMBRANE: Burn (The Crow Soundtrack)

APES055 | MEMBRANE EraseNov. 2016 · Basement Apes · 12"

2 years from the their latest full-lenght 'Reflect your pain' MEMBRANE reemerge with a refined vision of their music. 'Erase' captures what is the concrete foundation of the trio, rooted in the post-metal landscape, and stepping out from the shadows to create a darker version of their musical signature.
Pounding and melancolic, which is a rightful juxtaposition of life's plain realities - a strong mind in a world weakened by full injuries. MEMBRANE continue still to forge an heavy heritage upon the scene.

APES054 | FERAL DoomwalkOct. 2016 · Basement Apes / Dingleberry Records · 12"LP/CD

Montpellier-based metallic hardcore purveyors FERAL (feat. current members of Stuntman, Burne, Morse and ex-Morgue) unleash a ferocious blast of sonic destruction with their debut effort Doomwalk. A pummeling fusion of crusty grind, sludgey hardcore and groove injected metal, Doomwalk further propels FERAL into the upper stratosphere of metal, delivering 10 killer tracks, chock full of their signature, skull-crushingly heavy grooves and technical blasting severity.

APES053 | PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND False highs, true lowsApril 2016 · Basement Apes / Throatruiner Records · Digipack CD

After the highly acclaimed and imposing Lowgazers in 2014, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND returns with another milestone. 'False highs, true lows' stands alone with a music elegantly moving from pure black metal, sludge and noise. The repeating dark guitar harmonies, jackhammer drumming, and the fierce unrelenting screams are backed with a top-notch production. Not exactly the black metal cave-dwelling kind, to say the least. It suits the album perfectly and widen the ferocity to a higher level. Departing definitely from their post-hardcore debut, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND now dwells in the international extreme landscape. This is all about restrained fury and intimately suffocating layers of harmonies. Your next 2016 favorite record.

APES052 | MORGUE Doors of no returnJanuary 2016 · Basement Apes / Fatass Records / Trendkill Recordings · 12"LP/CD

Cult metal maniacs MORGUE has returned to the scene in 2012 and here is the testimony. This is their third album, clearly bursting out this ferociously angry and awesome fierce grindcore. Stirring up a pissed off mix of evilish tunes and dissonant tones, this is all about modern grindcore though. France's MORGUE pound out a furious nine song grand fucking slam of a record.

APES051 | FERAL Forever peels out of the graveJune 5th, 2015 · Basement Apes Ind · CDEP

APES050 | THE PRESTIGE AmerApril 20th 2015 · Basement Apes Ind · 12"LP/CD

The album comprises 11 tracks which are probably the most personal songs they have released until now, highlighted by the amazing work of Amaury Sauvé on recording and mixing, and Bob Weston on mastering. These tracks are inspired by their lives, their hopes and disillusions, with Paris as their background.

APES049 | GENERAL LEE Knives out, everybody!May 15th 2015 · Basement Apes / Grains of Sand · 12"LP/CD

FRANCE's kill team GENERAL LEE returns with a sonic and fully abrasive album, hammering 10 songs of lawless intensity. This time more-than-ever bending their own rules of metallic hardcore and continuing to strenghten their place among the elite. Discordance and larsens all around.

APES048 | HAUT&COURT TroffeaSeptember 2015 · Basement Apes / Woaaargh Records · 12"LP

France's HAUT&COURT unleash a beast of an album. They keep their music brutally simple and rumbling; a blend of muscular primitive thrash, D-beat punk, and downtuned grindcore, with totally forceful vocals. Yet including some artiness overall, pace shift and (almost) grooves, reliably bludgeoning and perfectly prurient. The sonic quality of the release is quite devastating and brutalizing. Not for the wicked.

APES047 | MEMBRANE Reflect your painMarch 15th 2015 · Basement Apes / Blind Prod · 180gr 12"LP/CD

MEMBRANE make a living from working with noise. From traditional ventures to more obscure times, creating compositions and soundscapes sounding close to epic ensembles. Welcome to their cruel world, namely 'Reflect your pain', their fifth album to date, enhanced with pounding patterns as the rhythmic basis goes, and brewing new ideas, noise-mongering for life. That should sound extremely obvious that pain is becoming pleasure as you go through it. 'Reflect your pain', outrageously made for master and slaves.